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 Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy 


by David Neich 

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy. Some of these might seem apparent already but we will delve into it throughout the article.

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Once wind turbines are setup they do create very good efficiency for power but it's the setting up of the turbines that makes the process questionable. In the long run there is no doubt that it's a very good equation but getting their can be a bit tricky. Let's break it down in a way that explains the process very clearly.

1. Disadvantages of Wind Energy.

The main one that comes to mind is the sheer cost of building the turbines. Based on that we are talking about major power generation and the cost of building the turbines including the concrete, the steel and all the foundation work needed to construct them. There is also the land that needs to be cleared to allow them to be built, this is really the main disadvantage of wind energy.

With the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy being discussed so much it's the issue of carrying the power back to the grid therefore you need power lines and transformers to do this, so of course they have to be constructed in the first place. Also all the materials that is needed to have this completed is very resource intensive anyway, but over time it certainly works out better than the current situation. Why not build a solar water heater and save up to 65% on your energy consumption.

The issue of displacement of wildlife has to be brought into the equation as well. If there is basically no impact on this that's exactly what we wanted, there will always be the issue of animals getting court in the turbine rotors and being killed but generally speaking that would be at a minimum. This is the price of progress in many ways unfortunately.

2. Advantages of Wind Energy.

The energy that is generated from wind power is very substantial and certainly shouldn't be underestimated. Major wind turbines located off the mainland are approximately 50% more efficient than the ones that are on the mainland. This is mainly put down to sea breezes and with that with very little greenhouse gas emissions due to the conversion process.

Going back to the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, it's the cost of traditional energy compared to wind energy is where the the major advantage is, the main part is the outlay initially, some might say that it's very expensive and I would challenge them to think compared to what. The ongoing costs of traditional energy or the long term prospects of renewable energy that once setup will never have to be paid for again.

An obvious part of wind energy generation is the ability to store that energy for use later, the wind doesn't always blow so we certainly need to store it.

So far we have only discussed large scale wind generator's or wind farm arrangements. Let's have a brief look at how this can benefit you on a small scale basis for your home.

If you build a wind generator you can harness the wind energy to benefit you in several ways. The main one obviously is a financial saving which would equate to approximately $100 a month which can add up to be quite significant by the end of the year. The other factor is that you don't have to rely on anyone but your self and that the energy being generated is totally free and that you did it.

Also knowing that if you have a blackout or some form of outage you have a backup. Having said this, the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy is will be discussed very much into the future, but if you have your own wind energy being generated by a wind generator there is disadvantage at all and there is nothing to worry about because you're not needing to rely on the grid.

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"The best product on the market to build a wind generator at home, get started today"