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Wind Energy:

Expert Author

Paul Gipe

by David Neich

Pauls interest in wind energy came from a desire to reduce the environmental effects of traditional energy types mainly coal and nuclear. Paul was also very instrumental when he was a student at Ball State University where he was part of a group that petitioned the Indiana Legislature to ban the sale of phosphate detergents and later graduated with an interdisciplinary degree in Natural Resources.

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Paul also has studied the geohydrologic impact of strip mining in Montana and evaluated water pollution in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and represented the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club before the Pennsylvania state legislature.

If there ever was an authority on wind energy I would suggest that the number one person would be Paul Gipe.
He has been in the wind energy industry since 1976 and has a very extensive knowledge of the measuring of wind resources and the installation of home wind turbines. Paul was a representative for the American Wind Energy Association specifically for the west coast, and from 1987 to 1995 he was the executive director for the Kern Wind Energy Association. He also was on the board of AWEA as well.

The World Renewable Energy Congress honored him as a "pioneer" in 1998, and the American Wind Energy Association named him as the industry's "person of the year" in 1988

In 2004 Paul was the executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association where he undertook a campaign for the Advanced Renewable Tariffs and he was a strong advocate to have the electricity feed laws adapted to the North American market and was a key player in placing the concept on the political agenda in Ontario.

When it comes to energy policy development in North America, Paul is credited as the principal architect of Ontario's Standard Offer Program and this is seen to be one of the most significant developments in the last 20 years.

Paul has written six books:
1.Wind Energy: How To Use It (Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1983)
2.Wind Power for Home & Business (White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green, 1993)
3. Wind Energy Comes of Age (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1995)
4. Glossary of Wind Energy Terms (Knebel, Denmark: Folaget Vistoft, 1997)
5. Wind Energy Basics (White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green, 1999)
6. Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business (White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green, 2004).

So, as you can see, if there is anyone out there that is very reliable and informative when it comes to information regarding the wind energy sector I would suggest you read some of Pauls books.

Ones that I recommend to cover the basics and beyond a little would be;

Wind Power, Revised Edition: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm and Business

  by Paul Gipe  



Wind Power for Home & Business: Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond

(Real Goods Independent Living Book)

by Paul Gipe



 Wind Energy Basics, Second Edition: A Guide to Home- and Community-Scale Wind-Energy Systems

by Paul Gipe


Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems

by Paul Gipe



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