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Free Energy Options Review 



This is a package that is put together by a mechanical engineer and a person that is very passionate about the environment and about his product. 

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"How To Save Energy At Home" Ebook


Having a renewable energy resource that is home built that supplies wind or solar power to a generator is the best way to be environmentally friendly. The Free Energy Options program will help you to build diy solar panels and in a way that will allow you to use renewable energy to your advantage an be helpful at the same time. 

The program will allow you to be able to make a 1000 watt windmill and also a 200 watt solar panel which once both made will make a great difference in saving lots of money over the long haul. 

The Free Energy Options supplies most of the information needed but could do with video training like earth4energy which we think would be very beneficial. Overall this is certainly much less detailed and not as good a quality package compared to the  Earth4Energy program.  

Earth4Energy  4.8/5.0  

1. Earth4Energy - Reason this wins in our opinion is purely better value due to the fact that it comes with videos and a more comprehensive PDF booklet.  The booklet is 73 pages with more detailed explanation, pictures and diagrams. There are updates available where the other programs don't. So on a cost versus value equation this program wins hands down 

Home Made Energy 4.5/5.0 

2. Home Made Energy - The Reason that this is second is that you still have better value at $47.00 USD compared to Free Energy Options being $48.95 USD and you receive a very comprehensive manual and very detailed plans for the installation as well.  

Free Energy Options  4.0/5.0  

3. Free Energy Options - A decent program but lacking in many areas compared to its competitors. The program will still get the job done but it will certainly make the job alot harder. In our opinion the price is that little bit more than the other programs and unfortunately doesn't offer as much as the other programs so that is why we rate it at this level.