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Home Made Energy Review



 The Home Made Energy package is put together by one man that has some amazing credentials including being a researcher and inventor, energy consultant and scientist. This is a great program for saving money and being able to stop using the standard methods and get into doing things yourself on the green energy track.

"Free 43 Page Comprehensive Report"
"How To Save Energy At Home" Ebook

This booklet is 44 pages and isn't the best when it comes to being written as clear as Earth4Energy  but tou can certainly make out what is needed to do.

For $47 USD you will be able to access all the details for building a home made wind generator and also solar panels to save several hundreds of dollars. You have a 60 day money back guarantee.

With Home Made Energy you will learn and be able to make your own solar power system and also your own wind power system. This system doesn't appear to have any updates available which we believe is lacking.

The course doesn't provide as much detail as the Earth4Energy program and isn't as comprehensive. It doesn't come with any videos which we really believe are very helpful to see the finer details.

It isn't written as well as Earth4Energy and we don't beleive that it offers as good a value.