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How To Save On Electricity ?

 Make Solar Panels.

by David Neich

Lots of people have been wanting to know how to save on electricity. The simplest way is to get solar panels installed into their homes so they can take advantage of the free power that they generate and to save them money and be less harmful to the environment.

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People are turning to the diy solar panels idea. They realise that they can do these things themselves and that it isn't as hard as they once thought. If you set up your own solar power plant and your own wind generator for yourself you will save a lot of money over time. It helps to think of how much you might save, it can work out at more than $100 - $150 a month and you can do that by making solar panels yourself.

A small to medium solar panel will allow you to lower the electricity bill and to be able to power appliances like an electric drill and to the point of a small shed. This basic panel will provide about 100 watts of power but because you are designing your own you will be able to decide if you want more panels therfore there will be more power.

Learning how to how to save on electricity with solar panels can be very rewarding and very beneficial to the pocket as well. You can get a fantastic program that outlines the total procedure from start to finish here Alternative Energy Ways.

Some of the matierials you may want to start with to make your solar panels are plywood, some sheets of glass, a roll of copper tubing, and some photovoltaic cells. You should be able to pick up most of these supplies at your local hardware supplies shop. You may have to get the (PV) Photovoltaic cells from the internet but these days you can find them fairly easily.

The following excerpt has been taken from my article on DIY Solar water heater and it can be adapted to make a solar panel as well.

The basic design for your  diy solar water heater is: 


1. A constructed box of pine wood with the dimensions of 2.5m L x 0.7 W x 15 cm D.  

2. A piece of plywood will be attached at the back so it can be attached to the roof with some screws.

3. 4 lengths of copper pipe and six elbow joints to join the four lengths together.  

4. 4 pieces of galvanized sheeting that has a groove in it as long as the piping so it fits over the copper pipe. This will enhance the heat.

4. Several sheets of insulated foil with a fleece type backing to it. 

5. A piece of polycarbonate sheeting to attach to the top of the box. 


You could use glass if you wanted, but access to it will be a lot harder.

The average backyard handyman can make there own solar panels easier than they might think in their workshop, shed or garage. Professional designs and getting professionals to make and install these systems will certainly work out to be very expensive.

So to get started on how to save on electicity and be real proud of yourself that you know how to make a solar panel and save a lot of power and energy. For more info and to get started go to Alternative Energy Ways.



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